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If you use your golf cart on the fairway, in the mud, hard packed dirt, desert sand or snow - we have the ultimate in cut and impact resistance golf cart wheels and tires. Listed below is an assortment of golf cart tires that we offer. If you are looking for golf cart wheels or golf cart combination wheels & tires just click the buttons below.

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new dealer setup Ultra GT golf cart tire   Frontier golf cart tire        
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• MS-0-1256
18" x 8.5" - 8"
Ultra GT
• MS-0-1344
18.5" x 8.5" - 8"
golf cart center caps and nuts
10 inch golf cart tires header
turf saver golf cart tire   trail wolf golf cart tire   stryker golf cart tire   turf tamer golf cart tire
• MS-0-1503
205 x 50 - 10"
Ultra GT
• MS-0-1544
255 x 50 - 10"
Ultra GT
• MS-0-960
22" x 11" - 10"
Turf Master
• MS-0-1118
22" x 10" - 10"
All Trail
  golf cart wheel caps and nuts
12 inch golf cart tires header
12 inch achieva golf cart tire dot   12 inch turf mate golf cart tire   12 inch titan 489 golf cart tire   12 inch green saver golf cart tire
• MS-0-1037
215 x 35 - 12"
• MS-0-1247
215 x 50 - 12"
• MS-0-1466
205 x 30 - 12"
Ultra GT
Low Profile
• MS-0-1351
215 x 40 - 12"
Ultra GT
12 inch all trail golf tire    
• MS-0-266
23" x 10" - 12"
All Trail
golf cart wheel caps and nuts
• MS-0-1315
205 x 30 - 14"
Ultra GT
• MS-0-1585
205 x 40 - 14"
Innova Driver
• MS-0-1691
23 x 10 - 14"
ITP All Trail 4 ply
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Strech Plastics, Inc. Manufacturer and Distributor of the Highest Quality Golf Cart Accessories.
We manufacture and distribute a complete line of custom wholesale golf cart accessories for Club Car, EZ-GO, Yamaha, and other OEM's.
Our custom line of golf cart accessories includes light kits, dashes, radio consoles, seat kits, lift kits, steering wheels, long tops, wheels and tires, and more...